Thursday, October 11, 2012

Extruders Have Arrived

The QU BD dual extruder setup arrived last night.   Yay!

Everything was very well packaged and organized and I was able to completely assemble both extruders in about 30 minutes while sitting in front of the TV.   One of the nuts seems to have a bad set of threads so I couldn't attach them to the mounting plate. It kept jamming on the heater barrel and I was not willing to force it.  I will run a tap through it tonight and finish the assembly.  My wife and daughter are both sick so I had other priorities last night.

The plate fits on my X-carriage just fine but I am not sure yet whether I can fit both extruders down through the hole in the carriage.  If not I will have to assemble it as a single extruder and then design and print a new carriage when it is up and running.

The only component I am waiting for now is the power supply.  I can always use the workstation power supply that I bought for my last machine until it arrives but the new one is much smaller and neater.  It will make for a much better organized machine if I can combine the power supply and all the electronics into a single case.


  1. what power supply have you ordered?

    I've just converted an atx PSU into a bench supply, but it doesn't seem like a workable permanent solution.

    1. I bought a 12v 30amp switching power supply on Ebay. These units are intended for automobile lighting systems and are small, powerful and cheap (30 - 50 bucks). Here is a video of a guy setting one up: