Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Few Pictures

Here are a few pictures of my current hardware projects

 Here is the exploded extruder from my Classic Mendel.  I believe that the connection between the PTFE and the printed parts failed, allowing the melted plastic to leak out and force the whole nozzle crooked.  I am hoping for better luck with my new dual extruders from QU-BD but time will tell. On the upside, I have the printed parts for 3 extruders and could easily just buy hot ends and assemble them all if needed.

 This is the gantry for my DIYLILCNC.  There are still a lot of parts to go on it but the assembly seems to be fairly straightforward.  It is mostly just a matter of finding the time.

Here is the current Prusa Mendel under construction. It has been much easier to build.  the belt clamps for the Y axis don't match the holes on my sheet piece but that is what I get for buying from multiple different suppliers.  I will just make a couple by hand from some scrap aluminum.  Also, I bought a set of cables but they turned out to have female connectors on both ends and I can't seem to find a male connector locally so I will have to use a small piece of perf board and some pins.  Still, not a big deal compared to my issues with the last machine.

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