Monday, December 19, 2011

Hot Damn! Melted Plastic at last!

Over the weekend I finished re-assembling the Mendel and tried it out.  The Sanguionololu works great and so does the Sprinter firmware although I still expect to have a lot of tweaking for my specific machine.   Here's a quick pic of my first mess of plastic:

I think I will keep this blob on my desk as a post modernist sculpture

At first I could not get the filament to feed into the extruder.  I was trying to get it in by hand-turning the gear on the wade's extruder but it just didn't seem to be able to pick it up.  It was late and I was just going to give it up for the night when I realized that I was turning the gear the wrong way!  As soon as I turned it the other way the filament loaded into the hot end easily.  One more boneheaded move among many.

With the ATX power supply and the single board electronics my wiring is much cleaner.  I still seem to have a problem with my steppers though.  The X axis moves very slowly and the Y and Z axis don't move at all.  They just hum and jerk a bit.  I think that I may have them wired wrong but it was getting too late to get into troubleshooting last night so I will check it out tonight.

But, in general, it looks like I am finally ready to build some things.  Life is good.

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