Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Possible Solution

I have been looking through the FDTI site and I may have identified my problem.  There are two types of drivers for the chip on the Techzone board - VCP drivers and D2XX drivers.  The VCP drivers set up a virtual COM port and those are the ones that I installed.  The D2XX drivers allow the software to access the USB connection directly using a DLL.

It seems possible that I should have  been using the D2XX drivers instead of the VCP ones that I installed on my workstation.  It is certainly worth a try anyway.  I will install the other set of drivers tonight and see what happens.


  1. No, the VCP driver is the correct one.
    Do you have the baudrate and Host the same?

  2. I realized that the VCP was correct after I posted this. I have just changed the baudrate to 19200 on the workstation port setting but still no luck.