Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Continuing Story....

I now have Repsnapper installed and working.  Unfortunately it has made no difference in my ability to connect to the Mendel.  Although Pronterface was telling me that the port was unavailable, Repsnapper tells me that it is timing out while trying to connect but has no further information.  This happens whether I attempt to connect using the original COM! port on the machine or the virtual COM3 port created by the USB/TTY interface

I am wondering if the whole problem lies with the drivers that I installed for the FTDI USB/TTY chip that is used on the Techzone board.  I am going to see if there are older versions available.

This worked so easily under Linux.  It is very frustrating to be this close to a working machine and be stopped once again.


  1. Dude stop playing around and just go into the RepRap IRC channel, we have folks that will help you out 24/7 in there. Your just having a driver issue, it's a 10 minute fix.

    I am Spacexula


  2. Doh! Thanks Spacexula, I haven't used the IRC before so I didn't even think of it. I will give it a try tonight.

    BTW - I am one of the many who obsessively watch anything that Spacex does. The company is the most exciting thing to happen to spaceflight since Apollo ended. Must be very interesting to work there.