Monday, June 14, 2010

Great Progress

I made considerable progress this weekend. Since the new parts go together so smoothly I was able to complete the x-axis and assemble all the parts for the z-axis and the y-axis. the y-axis parts are all installed on the squashed frog but I have not completed the alignment of the bearings yet.

I am now installing the electronics on the two electronics boards and then it will be time to begin the final frame construction. Since the boards that I bought from Techzone are smaller than the original design I am trying to figure out exactly where they mount and how. I should have that straightened out today.

The main problem that I still have to face is that I have have not yet managed to get the gears off of my stepper motors. I tried to drive the motor shaft out with a punch but it seems to be very firmly attached to the shaft. Even a couple of shots with a 2 pound steel mallet didn't budge it. I have resorted to attempting to cut one of them off with the Dremel. I wasn't able to finish the job last night so I will be back at it tonight or tomorrow. if I can't get the gears off, or if I damage the shaft in the process, I will just have to order new motors. At least they are not one of the more costly parts.

BTW - Nophead, who made my plastic parts, posted an excellent article on his blog today regarding an enclosure for the entire Mendel. It basically acts like a heated chamber and can also be used to contain and control fumes. It looks like a good idea to me but I would probably mount the electronics outside the box. I worry that the heat inside might shorten their life.

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