Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Finally, an update with pictures!

I finally have a few shots of my progress. I have completed the frame and installed the x-axis. My only problem is that the z-screws seem to project too far below the machine and raise it up off the feet. I haven't checked yet to see if I measured something wrong or if this is due to using nuts that are thicker than intended. I expect the fix to be fairly straightforward though.

Sam, my assistant, guards my creation from evildoers

Here's a bit clearer shot of the whole machine.

My new motors arrived and I had no problems with installing the gears on these. Unfortunately I only have three of them so I will have to use one of my existing motors for the extruder.

Closeup of the z-axis 360 bearing and the x-axis motor.

The y-axis chassis is ready to go although I still have to do final adjustments on the bearings.

And, finally, a quick shot of the y-axis 360 bearings.

So, next steps are:

  • Resolve the issue with the z-screws.
  • Install the y-chassis and the bed.
  • Install the belts.
  • Move on to the electronics

I'm feeling pretty good at this point. the mechanical construction is almost complete. Since I bought pre-built electronics I am cautiously optimistic that they will work out of the box. That means that I could have a working Mendel within a week or so.

that is, if I can continue to work on it. Vacation is coming up and I need to put some serious time into getting my old '76 motorhome into shape for the trip. With a vehicle this old, that is only used once a year, there is always something to fix before we can head out so the Mendel may have to wait until we get back for the final touches.

I have ordered 5 lbs. of green PLA which should be here this week so I will be ready to build as soon as the machine is done. Then the real fun begins!

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