Monday, January 30, 2012

Endstop Issues and CNC Router Progress

I finally received my new stepper controllers from Pololu.  I put one together and slapped it in the extruder slot on the Sanguinololu and it promptly burned out.  That makes 4 controllers that have burned out, all when installed as the extruder controller.  Since I had it working once with the original controllers I moved one of them to the extruder and replaced it with the remaining new one.  Success!  I finally have all 3 axis as well as the extruder working properly.  I don't have any more spare Stepsticks so I am going to order a couple more since I still don't know why they have been burning out.

I still have a couple of small issues to deal with.  One of my endstops has burned out during all the messing around with the boards.  I have spares but I also have to make up some new cables since the new board sits in a different spot on the machine and the old ones aren't long enough to reach it.  I have also sprayed lithium grease into another of the endstops by accident so it registers as closed all the time.  I think a Q-tip and some rubbing alchohol should sort it out.

I also have a more serious and confusing issue to resolve.  I tried to load an STL file into Pronterface but I got an error.  It apparently couldn't find one of the Skeinforge modules.  I know that a new version of pronterface has come out since I loaded mine so I will try updating the whole thing and see if that makes any difference.   My installation of pronterface has been working fine for controlling the Mendel so I don't know exactly why there is an issue with the STL files but I am much more comfortable with software than hardware so I am sure that I can resolve it.

I have also been collecting all the bits and bobs needed to complete my DIYLILCNC router.  I had the laser cut pieces made up in September and bought the electronics at the same time.  Over the last couple of weeks I have purchased the bearings, belts, gears, motor shaft couplers, Acme rod, nuts and flanges and all the nuts/bolts/washers for assembly.  I still have to pick up the steel rod, square aluminum tubing and threaded rod but I can source them locally.  I also need to buy the correct Dremel tool to fit the carriage design.  Basically, I am ready to begin assembly.  The first step will be to prime and paint all of the MDF laser cut parts

One final bit of news.  I finally bit the bullet and bought a power supply on Ebay.  It is 30V, 5A so it should be good for anything that I am likely to want to do with it in the near future.  It should be here next week

USA Brand Precision Lab GQ-A305D Variable 30V 5A DC Power Supply s/CV & CC mode

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