Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One More Baby Step Forward (and a really cool resin printer)

I managed to change my firmware settings last night so I now have all three axis moving correctly.  I hit "home" and watched all three move at the same time.  Very inspiring.

Then I decided that I would load up a Gcode file and get things moving, even though my extruder is still on the workbench.  It was a good exercise since I hadn't even looked at the user manual for the host software.  I managed to get the Gcode generated and loaded up but when I hit "print" it just sat there with the "estimated time to print" moving upward into the hundreds and then thousands of hours.  I had to think about it for a while but I realized today that it was probably waiting for the extruder to reach operating temperature.  I am going to try again this evening but first I will set the working temperature for the hot end to 0.

Here is a site that everyone should see.  This guy has built his own 3d printer but it does not use the fused deposition technique of the Repraps.  It harks back to the original 3d printers in that it uses a polymer resin that is hardened layer by layer using UV light.  I don't know the details of his hardware but the resolution is really remarkable.  The flute in these pictures is playable.  He is trying to get plans or kits together (not too sure exactly where he is going yet) so this is definitely a site to put on your watch list.

Alien Skull designed by Avinash Hegde at http://aysculpture.deviantart.com/

Playable flute

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