Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm Back!

Just back from 3 weeks vacation in Canada's northern forests. This has got to be the greatest place in the world to live, a six hour drive gets me to the limit of civilization. Nothing but bush and lakes over most of the northern part of our province. Lots of bears this year but they didn't bother us, wish I could say the same for the bugs.

Unfortunately I won't be leaping right back into the work on the Mendel. I have an old Jaguar that has been up on axle stands for the better part of a year for some engine work. The work isn't that complicated but I have been very lazy. The other guys in my car club are starting to wonder why I always show up to our get-togethers in a Toyota! I am going to focus on getting the car back on the road for the next week or so and hopefully I can then get back to the Reprap.

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