Monday, March 15, 2010

Holy Crap! This stuff adds up.

Here are the actual costs for all of the parts that I have purchased so far. The laser cutting for the thick sheet is the one that I overpaid the most for. I subsequently found the same parts on Ebay for $33.00 US so I guess I got hosed. Happens to me regularly. All costs are in Canadian Dollars and these numbers also include shipping, which was overly high in some cases (in my opinion). The cost of shipping is always a significant cost out here on the Canadadian prairies. We are a long ways from everywhere.

I bought the bearings kit from VXB Ball Bearings for $62.00
Belts from SDP/SI (part numbers A6R3-C025 and A6R3-185025) for $32.00
I bought my extruder parts (nozzle, insulator, Heatcore) from for a total of $37.00
All my metric Fasteners from Pointe Products for $81.00
I found 4 NEMA17 stepper Motors on Ebay for $65.00 including the shipping
Electronics are from Tech Zone Communications for $258.00 (includes the power supply and cables)
I got all my thick sheet cut locally at Laser Cut Mfg. in Saskatoon for $176.00
Total spent to date - $751.00

McMaster Carr does not ship to Canada so I had to find different vendors for my fasteners, belts, bearings, etc. My best find was Pointe Products, who were able to provide all of my fasteners and could probably have been a single source for everything if I had found them sooner.
You will notice that, for $750, I could have purchased a Cupcake from MakerBot and been printing by now (if they weren't out of stock). Oh well, the construction itself is a journey and I am looking forward to it.

Note - I have not yet received the electronics from Kimberly Andrus at Tech Zone Communications but she has been quick to reply to emails and very professional. I will post a review of the boards when they arrive. Her price of $215 US for all of the boards, including the extruder board as well as a power supply and all the cabling was just too good to pass up.

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